Written by:
Emma Naughton
Published on:
January 6, 2022

How can hypnotherapy support your career goals

You don’t have to have mental health problems to have hypnotherapy! It can support all areas of life, including relationships, confidence, problem solving, productivity and career progression, change management amongst other things.  

How can Focused Hypnotherapy support career growth?

If you are running your own business you might find that you become too emotionally invested and find it hard to make decisions or that fear of failure is holding you back.

You may want to progress in your career but struggle to overcome fears such as public speaking, or lack confidence in your abilities, you may struggle with assertiveness or dealing with authority figures.

The results driven and future focused approach of solution focused hypnotherapy is extremely beneficial in supporting personal development and growth planning. Once we understand how the brain works, and how we can often create our own blockers, we can learn how to take back control of our thoughts, access the creative part of our brain and create goal focused actions to solve our problems.

What is Stress Threat and how do we overcome it?

Stress is the outcome of how we think about certain situations and/or events. You might wonder how some people have the ability to remain calm under pressure, thrive on deadlines, love getting up in a room full of people to talk. These things may leave you feeling ready to bolt for the nearest exit or hide under a table rather than deal with it.

If we see the situation as a threat our brain thinks we are at war, this means our brain starts to divert from the ‘thinking’ part (we don’t have time for that) and go straight to survival mode. When we are trying to survive we need a release of adrenaline and cortisol (stress hormones) to increase our strength or speed - both useful In certain situations , however when trying to present an important report or in an interview it's not, and will likely work against us if not dealt with. You might notice your hands start sweating or shaking, your heart is racing, you might suddenly regret that lunch you just ate.

By this point we have probably convinced ourselves that we are doomed to failure, there’s no coming back from this, we might as well give up now and go back to bed. This creates a negative association with that situation and this is stored in our long term memories. Next time we go to do it we remember that emotional unpleasant response and it triggers the same feelings of fear.

This is often the biggest blocker from doing the things that we want, the fear of failure, the fear that our ideas will be rejected, that we don’t have the ability to cope.

There is another way, you have probably heard the phrase ‘face your fears and do It anyway’ this is true but how do we do that?

It starts with a change in the way that we evaluate these situations, if we start to focus on the things that we need to do as a challenge rather than a threat, we can approach it in a different way. The situation is the same, but this time we believe that we do have the ability to cope. When we think that we can cope it allows us to think from our intelligent and creative part of our brain. This is the part that can rationalise, evaluate the information and usually come up with the right answers, it’s also usually very positive and future focused. So we remain calm, we are in control and we will likely come up with a solution and in turn we do cope. By doing this we learn a new response to the situation. Next time we have a new experience to refer back to and that is reinforced.

It can be hard to work out how to do these things on your own, you might read this and think well that all seems fairly obvious but how do I actually make my brain do this, how do I stop seeing this as a stress and start to see it as a challenge? There are some techniques that are very effective in doing this, starting with focusing on what is already going well. Hypnotherapy is so effective in helping to support with this as you already have the ability to find solutions, you already do cope with so much - I just help you to ask yourself the right questions so that you start to unlock that information for yourself. That is all made a lot easier when you feel relaxed and the trance part of the session helps to reinforce those new thoughts and learnings which make it easier to remember and refer back to next time you need it.

Visualisation is also a very powerful tool that we have along with other methods to help us overcome blockers, if there is a real fear or huge worry there then simply seeing it as an opportunity sometimes isn't enough. In these situations we can use visualisation to aide the brain into believing the best outcomes are possible. The best thing is its all really pleasant stuff, it doesn't feel scary at all.

10 reasons you should choose Focused Hypnotherapy?

1.    We use principles based in science, you will understand the brain and how our minds work.

2.    You learn why we create certain behaviours and thought patterns which are not supporting our future goals and learn how to re-frame them

3.    It's a brief therapy, as we set small achievable goals, we see fast results

4.    There is nothing having a better mindset won’t help with

5.    Un-block yourself, so you can come up with new solutions to problems

6.    Positivity is contagious, if everyone is feeling positive, they are more likely to feel content, support each other and spread the positivity.

7.    People buy from people they like, present and pitch with confidence

8.    The techniques we use are extremely effective for solving any problem and are transferable across all areas of life

9.    Start taking control of your future now

10.  Relax and un-wind, you work hard it’s time to invest in your wellness.

If this article was useful and you want to discover how focused hypnotherapy can support you in achieving the future you dream about then get in touch with me and we can arrange a free consultation.

Face to face sessions are offered tin Stamford, Lincolnshire or Duddington, Northamptonshire - serving clients locally or Online sessions for nationwide clients.

Emma is a qualified clinical hypnotherapist HPD, DSFH, (AfSFH, NCH) and has supported clients successfully achieve career goals.


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