Needle Phobia

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Dread going to the Doctors?

When you have a phobia you become hypervigilant, always thinking about where it might show up, this might manifest in worries around attending GP appointments, or concerns about getting ill.

You wish you could just go for that appointment without feeling a sense of panic.

Does that sound familiar?

  • You feel frustrated that an event such as attending the doctors leaves you feeling so awful
  • You know that you need to face your fear but you have been trying to avoid it and it's made things worse
  • Now you can't be around needles or in certain settings without experiencing a sense of panic

You can feel calmer and more in control

Hypnotherapy for Needle Phobia - 3 Sessions

  • You will be able to reduce the high emotional response to previous experiences
  • You can visualise a better outcome for your next visit and not dread it
  • You can reduce the physical response of panic and remain calm
  • You will have coping techniques that allow you to feel confident you can cope

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